Are You a Business Exec and Tired of Your Sexless Marriage?

These 5 connection exercises will get your playful, loving wife back.

  • 5 proven techniques my business clients use to divorce-proof their marriage

  • Simple tweaks to get out of “roommate” mode and into “take-your-clothes-off” mode

  • How to align your messaging so it resonates with your dream customer.

  • 100% free exercises you can use right away - and not spend thousands of dollars on marriage counseling

Your Coach -

Jennifer Blankl

Certified relationship & marriage coach

“I’ve helped hundreds of hardworking, yet hopeless husbands avoid divorce and come home after a long day of work to a loving wife and a happy household.

“These 5 straightforward but incredibly effective exercises will make an immediate shift in your marriage.

“It’ll keep you and your partner connected, aligned, and on the same page to build an abundant life.”


“My marriage was over... but you pulled me back from the edge. I highly recommend were the right person. It was worth everything 10 times over!"

Scott P.

"My relationship with my SECOND WIFE was trending towards DISASTER. We had run through a gauntlet of counseling professionals and trained therapists. We finally gave up and actually set a date to file for our divorce...Jennifer helped us to open our eyes and hearts. She didn't reinvent the wheel or give us off-the-wall exercises. We were so strong in our relationship that the pandemic was not an issue. We laughed and joked for the first time in years and our love grew."

Danny H.

Save Your Marriage and Grab these 5 Connection Exercises